About Fong Jaw

Brand Story

The founder of Fong Jaw – President Mr. Chin-Feng Chung was inspired by the cultivation gap of technological talents in the Japanese-Occupied Period. At that time, the key components for land, sea and air transportation of Taiwan all depended on the Technology-owned countries: The United States, Germany, Japan, and so forth. Besides, Taiwan was lack of R&D and manufacturing capabilities. Because the difficulty of obtainment for key components has put Taiwan over a barrel, the upgrade of Taiwan’s industrial technology was no easy task. Furthermore, the predicament of foreign exchange shortages increased the burden cost and quality risks. Because of being responsible for devoting himself to the technology of our country, President Mr. Chin-Feng Chung went overseas to learn the relevant professional knowledge, equipment, and techniques to do the least he could do for Taiwan.

In 1977, the predecessor of Fong Jaw Aerospace Co., Ltd. – Fong Jaw Trading Co., Ltd. was founded. In the initial stage, we devoted to R&D and manufacturing technologies for the core components of agricultural machines, ships, and automobiles. After the official establishment of Fong Jaw Aerospace Co., Ltd., we further expanded our professional fields and services to cover ultra-precise national defense and aerospace fields such as the core components of military products, military aircraft, civil aviation, and so forth.

Nowadays, Fong Jaw still adheres to the original intention and stick to the faith. We spare no effort to invest in the certification of original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and research and development(R&D), expect to reduce the huge foreign exchange expenditure and increase the local content percentage. With our accumulated professional techniques, experience, and the output of high-precision and high-quality products, Fong Jaw has won the admiration and trust from customers at home and abroad. We will keep the faith to continually contribute to the society and country.

Corporate Philosophy & Vision



Profession, Perseverance, and High quality

Since our founding in 1977, the Fong Jaw Group has been dedicated to the production of engine core components for vehicles and heavy equipment including fuel nozzles and hydraulic systems.

During the period, through continuous research and development and purchase of high-precision equipment, we have uninterruptedly improved our expertise and precision machining capability.

After achieving the AS9100 (the International Quality Management System Standard for the Aviation, Space and Defense industry) certification in 2011, Fong Jaw officially expanded the expertise in the aerospace industry to produce fuel nozzles and electro-hydraulic system components for aerospace applications.

In addition to the manufacturing, assembly, and testing services of fuel nozzles and mechanical/electro-hydraulic systems, as the time progress and the gradual rise of environmental awareness, Fong Jaw is now further studying the application of professional technology in the field of environmental protection and renewable energy.

Fong Jaw earnestly hopes to continue to pursue progress and innovation to provide customers with the highest quality products and the highest standards of services.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Complying with laws and enterprise ethics, Fong Jaw has an internal audit system to formulate business strategies which help to establish a clear organizational structure. Through effective communication and cooperation between every section, we enhance the control of cost and improve work efficiency and production capacity. Furthermore, we insist on our corporate philosophy and fulfill our brand spirit to pursue the highest level of customer satisfaction and create the maximum profit for the company.


Committing to industry-academy cooperation to cultivate social talents and technological inheritance, Fong Jaw persists in the spirit of giving what we take back to the society. Cooperating with professional-related colleges, we not only provide internship for students to accumulate experience but establish a foundation for cultural inheritance. Fong Jaw consistently making cross-disciplinary efforts for the community to create a better future.


As we all know, environmental sustainability is the current global responsibility and challenge. Fong Jaw devotes to environmental protection, waste treatment, and recycling according to all the relevant regulations. In recent years, we have used our expertise on the green energy field including solar power, wind power, geothermal power, and equipment of energy conservation and carbon reduction. We eagerly anticipate the relieve of environmental pollution crisis.


High-quality is not only one of our mission but the key condition to win customers’ trust. By cooperating with the supply chain network of Fong Jaw, we employ our professional R&D techniques to keep consistency in the high-quality service to fulfill customers’ demand. That is the key motivation for all employees to always strive for excellence.


Employees are the most important assets of an enterprise. Fong Jaw is not only a great team, but we treat each employee as our family. We comply with the labor act, protect employees’ legal rights, consider everyone’s needs, and construct a safe/harmonious work environment. Besides, Fong Jaw ensures employees’ benefit, establishes a reasonable promotion, and protects employees’ career development. Enterprise sustainable development is our unshirkable responsibility.